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The Board of Trustees is responsible for providing a safe environment and quality education for all students at Apanui School. We employ the school’s staff and we oversee the management of curriculum, staff, property, finance and administration.


The Board works closely with the Principal on all decisions.

The School's strategic direction is set through the Charter and developing this document with Apanui School’s parents and caregivers, and the School community is a key activity of the Board.


The Charter sets out the long-term goals and annual targets and these determine our priorities.


Other key planning documents the Board is responsible for are the 5 Year Agreement and 10 Year Plan – these provide the funding plan for property development and maintenance.

APANUI kowhaiwhai pattern
Poutama pattern

Board Members

Robin Bean - Chairperson

Nikorima Broughton - Parent Representative
Alexandra Pickles - Parent Representative
Angela Kershaw - Parent Representative
Dr Douglas Northey - Parent Representative
Donna Wensor - Staff Representative
Simon Akroyd - Principal
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