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Covid-19 Level 2 @ Apanui School  documents    

Level 2 @ Apanui School _ Parent Information.pdf

Whakatāne Kahui Ako Guidelines for Level 2.pdf

Out of Zone Enrolment Application process

Applications close on Tuesday May 12th, 2020

Out of Zone application for enrolment.pdf

Due to Covid-19 the Board will accept applications in the following way:
* Email details to principal@apanui.school.nz this must include all of the key information included in the pdf above. The email will be acceptable as a signature for your application.
* Download, complete and scan the form, email to principal@apanui.school.nz

* Download, complete and drop the form into the Apanui School office (9am-3pm)

Please refer to the 'Enrolment Zone Information' link included in this website to gain further information and to see where the Apanui School zone is.

If you have questions then please email principal@apanui.school.nz 


Welcome to Apanui School

Apanui School is a fantastic place. We have around 410 awesome children and 35 staff.  We work hard as staff and parents to provide the best school that we can for each child. I love the saying 'It takes a village to raise a child'. This is so true - as adults we need to work together to give every child a rich range of experiences and an education that is supported both at home and school.
We encourage you to follow our school and class Facebook pages and to download the Skool Loop app. This will provide you with up to date information and all of our latest happenings.  
At Apanui we focus on Literacy and Mathematics, but we also want to provide the children with relevant experiences in The Arts, Science, Social Science, Technology, Te Reo Māori, Health and Sports. We achieve this by having a wonderful team of teachers who are supported by the Board of Trustees, our parents and community. Our teachers use e-learning and strong teacher knowledge to assist the children to learn.
The Eastern Bay of Plenty is a great place for children to grow up. It is important the we acknowledge the past, our immediate outdoor environment and that we understand that the Eastern Bay is part of an amazing world. We want the children to understand that to be a positive member of society that we need a range of knowledge and fantastic social skills. Apanui School is a PB4L School. This means that we teach the children about positive behaviours / social skills that allow them to communicate and co-operate effectively in any setting, both now and in the future. 

It is a privilege to be a school Principal.  I have been a Principal for 17 years in schools throughout New Zealand and with a stint overseas. To assist in shaping the future of New Zealand is extremely rewarding - I love my job.  I look forward to meeting you.
Regards - Simon Akroyd

Learning Packs

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Team 2 Apanui Learning Pack 1.pdf

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Team 4 Apanui Learning Pack 1.pdf

Team 1 Distance Pack 2.pdf

Team 2 Distance Pack 2.pdf

Team 3 Distance Pack 2.pdf

Team 4 Distance Pack 2.pdf

Team 1 Distance Learning Pack 3.pdf

Team 2 Distance Learning Pack 3.pdf

Team 3 Distance Learning Pack 3.pdf

Team 4 Distance Learning Pack 3.pdf