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 Enrolment Zone Information

Apanui School has an enrolment zone (please see link at bottom of page). 

This means that we have more children wanting to attend Apanui School than we have space in our classrooms. Children who live out of zone need to apply if they want to attend Apanui School. The Ministry of Education require this to be run via a ballot process. 

The Board consider the applications in May (for enrolments in term three and four of the year) and in October (for enrolments in term one and two of the following year). We advertise via the local newspaper, on our Apanui Facebook page and via our school newsletter the exact date that the applications close. It is important to note that Out of Zone applications can be completed at anytime of the year at the school office.  Regardless of when the application is completed the Board will look at these in line with your child's birthday eg: if the form is filled out in March but your child is not five until the following February then we will include this application in the October ballot as this is when we consider term one and two enrolments.

The Board make contact with all applicants within three days of the Ballot process being completed.  

The number of out of zone applications that the Board will accept depends on the current role size and how many 'in zone' children we are expecting to receive throughout the year.

We encourage you to ask us any questions via email principal@apanui.school.nz or by coming into the office. We also encourage school visits - a visit allows you to see if a school is right for you and your child. School visits can be arranged with the Principal or Deputy Principal via the office.


  1. Completing the 'Out of Zone' enrolment form does not guarantee enrolment at Apanui School. 
  2. You are encouraged to complete the 'Out of Zone application' early, even when your child is three or four. Completing this form does not lock you into attending Apanui School but it puts you into the appropriate ballot.
  3. We are unable to enrol children who are 'out of zone' if they have not been through the ballot process. eg: you can not live out of zone and turn up with your child wanting to begin school that day.
  4. All 'in zone' children must be accepted for enrolment by Apanui School. TWO forms of proof of address are required - for example, an electricity bill, a rental agreement etc.

 Apanui School Enrolment Zone Map.pdf